Join us for our first official Book Lover’s Hour.

In Episode 1, Lunga Mkila and Duduzile Mabaso will bring you the Lit Beat – a round up of what’s up on the global literary stage, we honour Maya Angelou, review Voices From My Clan and interview Obinna Udenwe, co-editor of Voices from My Clan. Plus we have a list of suggested reading for the Youth Month.

Check out our pilot recorded in May:

join us at 6:30pm 10 June 2014

June 11, 2014 update. if you missed out on the live broadcast of episode 1, here’s what went down. please give feedback and let us know what you think. Thank you.

About Lunga Mkila: I was born, I read, I ride, I write, and I will die

About duduzile zamantungwa mabaso: A storyteller, seeker of truth, hoping and aiming to raise questions, open doors, invoke and provoke the human mind out of submissive acceptance. Founder and publisher at Black Letter Media


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