A Bus Ride Home by Tidimalo. TC Concepts. 2013. R110

Between the covers: A Bus Ride Home is about two childhood sweethearts to meet again many years later at a wedding. Tlotlego is our main character, newly divorced and “flushing men out of her system.” Seeing Jabu after all these years reignites in her feelings she thought were long dead and buried.

The Storyteller: Tidimalo grew up reading a lot of romance novels and aspired to be an author of such novels. As she matured, she realised that even though she enjoyed the genre, there was something missing. So she decided that she would write a love story that would deal with the realities of a love relationship. Tidimalo writes about the beauty and joy that love can bring as well as about the pain that people who love one another sometimes subject each other to.

Reader Profile: Lovers of romance interested in looking at romance outside of the Mills and Boons lens.

Favourite Lines:

“‘Agee,’ she said in her most respectful tone.

He replied with a nod and an even wider smile, revealing a beautiful set of teeth. She’d always had a thing for beautiful teeth. Maybe because she thought her own set was not so perfect. She’d sworn she wouldn’t go under the knife regardless of her wobbly underarms and other not-so-perfect bits. After all, nobody was perfect, she reasoned. But she had pondered the idea of buying herself a beautiful smile.”


“Mpho’s husband was sleeping, and, time and again, there was this rotting rubbish bin smell in the Kombi. You know, how it can be when there are no kids to pin the poisonous gas on. Others would just cough or quietly open the window with some embarrassment.

‘Phemelo! Phemelo! Wake up, man! Hmm . . . You’re killing us here!’”




get yourself a copy of this book and find out how the romance between Tlotlego and Jabu pans out…


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