In the Scheme of Things by Abueng Junior. 2012. R110

Between the Covers: This book of poems is the first collection by poet, Abueng Junior. In the Scheme of Things, is a poetic commentary on life, on the ups and downs of love, relationships written from a man’s point of view. This book comes with a CD of the poems recorded to music.

The poet: Abueng Junior is a filmmaker, photographer, poet from the North West. He has been writing poetry since 2000. He as been described as a love poet, and a poet of our times.

Reader profile: If you enjoy poetry that isn’t too complex or complicated or too long, and are interested in exploring love and relationships then this book is for you.

Favourite Lines:

From Who Am I

“Who am I?
This still remains a mystery,
And has left many in misery.”

FromĀ Hardest story

“Your name is tattooed with flames on my heart,
burning questions eat at my soul,
leaving it lifeless and cold”


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