My Holiday Shorts edited by duduzile zamantungwa mabaso. Black Letter Media. R90 & R70, paperback and ebook. Published December 2013.

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Between covers: My Holiday Shorts features eleven stories by ten South African writers. These are short short stories meant to fit in perfectly with your holiday adventures or while waiting for your next appointment/meeting or even while sitting in a taxi. The stories feature characters longing for love, on an adventure, in lust, in love, leaving home. These stories are about family, friendship, navigating strange relationships and finding somewhere to belong.

The storyteller: Our storytellers come from various backgrounds, some are published and others are published here for the first time.

Boipelo Maetla, Catherine Shepherd, Chinenye Emezie-Egwuonwu, Ginny Swart, Ilze Hugo, Lebogang Tlou, Liam Kruger, Megan Ross,  Sasha Ross, Zimkhitha Sulelo

Reader profile: These stories will be enjoyed by anyone, 18 years and older, who enjoys short stories, fiction, short reads and also interested in a variety.

Favourite Lines:

‘“Say, you’re quite handy with those paws,’ I marvelled as he lit it for me with a flick of his wrist. ‘Don’t you get hot in there, though?’

He shrugged.”’

excerpt from The Suit by Ilze Hugo

”“You know I’m Superman, silly.” He put his arm around her. The cuddle turned into a long kiss and built in passion, until they broke away, staring into ‘

excerpt from Daddy’s boy by Ginny Swart

‘He took the CD from my hands and said “Good choice for a South African girl” and he put the CD in the DVD player.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“It means no ‘ayeye’ or ‘yebo’ today. I will teach you how to dance Kizomba.”’

excerpt from Learning to Dance Kizomba by Zimkhitha Sulelo

“Falcon remembered it took every bit of breath in her being to resist breaking his head open with the vase on her desk. Who falls in love with someone they just met over the holidays in a spate of two weeks?”

excerpt from Chronicles of a Falcon Heart by Chinenye Emezie-Egwuonwu

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