Setho: Afrikan Though & Belief System by Fezekile Futhwa. Nalane. R180.

Between the covers: This book describes the indigenous belief system of Afrikans, using Basotho as a reference point. Touching on various aspects of Afrikan life such that belief in the Super Natural, creation mythology, order of being, value systems, tradition, culture, ritual and indigenous knowledge systems; this book is inspired the authors journey or self-rediscovery. It asks if Afrikans knew God before the advent on missionaries. It also explores how Afrikan society doesn’t distinguish between belief and culture.

The Storyteller: Fezekile Futhwa is a software developer by profession. Writing is his passion. He is a prolific self-publisher and has published works such as Bafokeng and Diboko tsa Basotho

Reader profile: This book is great for readers who are interested in exploring the Afrikan identity from the point of view of a fellow Afrikan. You don’t have to be Sotho to benefit from the knowledge in this book because this book covers many concepts that go beyond ethnic boundaries.

Favourite Lines:

“The basic principle in story telling is understanding and memorisation. A story told is a story that must be remembered. The reason that folklore is told only in the evenings just before bed is to ensure that these stories are the last thing the children will hear before sleep and therefore increase the likelihood that they will be remembered in whole.”

“It is through language that history is put in perspective. Cultural artefacts such as folklore are societal instruments used for teaching and learning.”

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