The Colour of Love by Bomi Njoloza. Self-published. 2012. R120

Between the covers: The Colour of Love is a collection of poetry by poet Bomikazi Njoloza. It is not a collection of love poems but rather a collection of poems that explore humanity, life’s ups and downs, and how we veer away from living a life of love.

In my not-so-vivid memories of my childhood are colours of love: the understanding of God’s will; how my mother’s voice hushed away fear; and how my father’s laugh calmed me, eased my worry and left promises of days happier days past ever could have been.

The Poet: Bomi describes herself as a “child of forgiveness, peace, and laughter”. She started writing in 2001 and performed for the first time at East London’s Guild Theatre in 2003.

Reader profile: This book is for poetry lovers who enjoy poetry that is, to quote Zakes Mda in the Foreword, “now playful, now plaintive… sometimes joyful and songful and at other times mournful and soulful.”

Favourite lines:

I want to live in your words
Breathe in your poetry
Wear similes like skirts
Wrap a purple and blue hyperbole around my hair
Wear your extended metaphors as sandals
That I may walk in your rhyme scheme and never fall

                                                                         – What I Will

“I doubt
The you in me has me
In the places where my you in me is found
In me”

– What Kind?

We want to crawl back to the womb
Come back with new names
Dream new dreams Speak of brighter hopes

– We Must Die

read more about Bomi here and get yourself a copy of The Colour of Love here


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