Just like space cookies by Goodenough Mashego. Tenworkers Media. R180. 2013.

Between the covers: Just like space cookies is a poetry collection with themes such as social issues (poverty, crime, drug-abuse, HIV/AIDS), religion, love and purpose.

The poet
: Goodenough Mashego is a Mapulaneng based filmmaker, journalist, poet, publisher, scriptwriter and author who has released work such as The Taste of my vomit. You can read more about the author here

Reader profile: Just like space cookies would be enjoyed by anyone who is 18years and older, enjoys poetry and enjoys engaging social issues.

Favourite lines:

“we televise revolutions this is our own my comrades
we are the stars of our own show roll in credits my comrades
this is our own revolution lets become stars tonight ”

“everybody bring your god we have a god’s festival
you can call him iman, pope, bishop or pastor & father
for your god puts priority in his title than name
for his title rings bells his name sounds like my neighbours
what quality god can you serve who shares a name with a human
its a god with an ID & a passport to travel
a god without a scripture who lives to critique the existing
a god who fails to live up at the god’s festival “


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