One Big Word by Thandokuhle S. Mngqibisa. Self-published. 2013. R100.

Between the covers:  One Big Word is a collection of poetry with themes ranging from love, religion, purpose to social issues such as eating disorders, depression, suicide and abuse. “One big word serves as catharsis for all the traumas and hardships it speaks of. And as a crutch for those trying to survive the same.”- Thandokuhle Mngqibisi.

The storyteller: Thandokuhle Mngqibisa is a Pietermaritzbug, Kwa-Zulu Natal born medical doctor, poet, and performer. To read more about Thandokuhle click here

Reader profile: One Big Word would be enjoyed by any person who enjoys poetry.

Favourite lines:

from He Pours My Love

Cannibal love.
Can-a-ballistic sadistic love-is-my-new-addiction chick stop shit from getting quick?
His love drank my love Out of the coffee cup and woke him up…
My love filled his love and digested his thoughts so love became enough for us to eat and live and

from The Pursuit of those Perfect Glutes

‘An apple a day”keeps the kilos away’

Til an apple a day is the mainstay;
the staple for girls to diet and emulate
Inculcate–the necessity of the perfect glutes
For society to view them
Crunches and squats
         Leg raising
Sit ups and hell raising
When you are hungry and anaemic of course you’ll snap at people
Breeding a society of inbreds who find in bread monstorousness

But did you see that ASS!!!!!;-)”


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