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Between the covers: Poetry Potion is a journal of poetry from all over the world with a focus on South Africa and Africa. First published online in 2007, Poetry Potion it has featured poems from all over the African continent as well as Canada, Ireland and India. Since going to print, each edition features a poet profile, Q&As, and lots of poetry. Past poet profiles and Q&As include Mbuyiseni Oswald Mtshali, Mafika Gwala, Jessica Mbangeni, Raven, Napo Masheane, Tereska Muishond, Vivek Narayanan, ProVerb, Kwame Dawes and many others.

The Poets: Poetry Potion has published over 200 known and soon-to-be-known poets.

Reader profile: If you enjoy poetry, be it romantic, existential, political, confessional, African or global, then you will enjoy reading this poetry journal. Poetry knows no age so young and old will enjoy this publication.

Favourite Lines:

we walked through that crowded theatre hall
afraid, you grabbed my hand after we’d kissed
that place packed to the rafters and wall to wall
we plunged both our fingers into a single fist.

Hand in Hand by Charl Landsberg – The Love Potion Poetry Potion 2014.01

“The first thing I would say to you is banish the concept of writers block. It’s not true. It’s something we made up. It’s a great idea. What does writer’s block say to you? Here’s what happens, you come to write and you can’t think of anything to write so you say I have writer’s block. Which means, you didn’t do anything; you’re blaming the writer’s block for your problem, right? It’s the block; it’s that nasty block that keeps running around blocking everybody. But it has nothing to do with you.”
Kwame Dawes – Q&A, 2012.01

“There are time when writing is easy. Inspiration flows and the page is full. Then there are time when writing is a battle. And there is fighting (usually a resistance of the truth or the self) and tears and it takes a long time.”
Vangi Gantsho, Poet Profile – On Being Human, Poetry Potion 2013.01

“Tonight you call unexpectedly.
As always, catching me off guard.
And I hear the cotton wool
And the glass in your voice.”

Mandy Mitchell – Poetry Is Not a Luxury, Poetry Potion 2013.03


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