The Set Up
by Segametsi Moumakwa. Self-published. 2012. R120

Between the covers: The Set Up tells Macy’s story. Macy has a beautiful home, two wonderful children and the perfect husband… Or does she? She makes sure that she plays her role as mother and wife to the best of her ability – it is her “dream and her honour to be a wife and mother.” But everything changes when her friend gets into online dating and Macy starts to see the cracks in her life. As her world shatters, Macy has two options: to curl up in self-pity or to stand up and get even. What will Macy do?

The Storyteller: Segametsi Moumakwa has an Information Technology degree and works as an IT specialist. She’s an avid reader and social network enthusiast who blogs at The Set Up is her first novel.

Reader profile: If you enjoy stories about love, betrayal and revenge; if you enjoy peeling away at the perfect veneer to see the cracks of what life is really like on the other side then this story is for you.

Favourite lines:

“Macy lay crumpled on the floor. She felt like she was floating away, like she was in a very bad dream. She tried to shake herself awake from this nightmare but couldn’t. There was a sharp pain in her chest.”


“To make matters worse, here she was stuck. She knew what she wanted to do. She had a plan. Executing it was the problem.

‘Execution! That’s it!” It was as if a light bulb went off in her head. It all started falling into place”


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