I was very excited when Lerato invited Book Lover’s Market to this event closing off May with a celebration of Africa and freedom. The venue was the old fire station in Pretoria which has been turned into an arts and craft hub called Tshwane Arts Crafts and Design Hub. The old fire station now serves as a multipurpose centre which has offices, workshops spaces and exhibition area. The event was Freedom at the Station and was the second of the events organised by Capital Arts Revolution┬áto observe Africa Day. The first one was a different venue on Africa Day, 25 May.


The first highlight were the Freedom Bracelets at the door. All we had to do was pay R20 to enter and receive these cool beaded bracelets. Once inside, you were greeted but an awesome selection of music by DJ Bubbles. At some point I heard Lefifi Tladi – where do you ever hear Lefifi Tladi blaring out the speakers. Too outta sight.

Several other artists had been invited to exhibit and trade, various kinds of jewellers and designers and crafters working with beads, gold, leather, African print fabric. There was were also fine artists and a photographer exhibit. Performers included The Trip, Xabiso Vili, maShabangu, Mshengu Project, Simba CI to mention but a few.

The eclectic sounds of the different performers were amazing. From the great vibe between the revellers and the exhibitors to the Ok, all i gotta say about this event is AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING.

Only thing amazing was that with a little bit more marketing, there might’ve been more people in attendance. But I believe that this is something that can be overcome with us pooling our resources as young creatives and entrepreneurs and also taking the time to build up the event so that it’s not just a flash in the pan.

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Capital Arts Revolution a collective of Artists from all corners of the country, the continent and the world who currently resides and work in the Capital City Tshwane, Pretoria. The collective consists of: Musicians, Poets, Fashion Designers, Writers and Visual Artists, which includes Film Makers, Fine Artists, Photographers, Graphic Designers, and Set Designers. We conduct events and workshops in different locations in and outside Pretoria (urban, townships and rural/villages, nationally and internationally). The events embrace collaborations, putting together different art forms in one space and showcasing, educating and entertaining the masses at large. These events are attended at no or low cost without compromising our artistic or organizational standard so that every curious being can appreciate and have access to the Arts.


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