Last week’s Book of the Week was In the Scheme of Things a book & CD combo of poetry by Abueng Junior. We had our interview with him offline and this is what transpired…

(Book Lover’s Market) What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘poetry’?

(Abueng Junior) Love, Love, Love, then Beautiful words constructed beautifully for my soul’s enjoyment.

Do you like reading and listening to poetry?

I love poetry, I have more books on poetry than any other genre, I am currently playing Mutle’s In-sense album in my car and I am reading The Vintage Book of African American Poetry.

How do you think poetry first started?

I think it started when Adam met Eve. You would have to be pretty amazing to score a Beauty like that, I imagine she was flawless.

How is poetry different to other literary styles?

It is real, and honest and beautiful, sometimes too honest though. But it always speaks to that part of us that makes us Human, and that is what I love.

What role does poetry play in your culture?

It preserves our culture and language, it teaches and informs one of their roots and it provides a better understanding of self.

Our poems our prayers to the Gods.

Do you have a favourite poem and poet?

My favorite poem is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Elliot.

I have lots of poets that I favor, among them is Ezra Pound, Flo Mokale, Mutle Mothibe and T.S Elliot, of course.

If you were to write a poem right now, what would your subject be?

How our backgrounds and history are the cause of the bulk of the problems we encounter in relationships.

What are you currently working on?

My second book, which I am writing in Setswana. It is exciting.



In the Scheme of Things

a book and CD combo of poetry by Abueng Junior.

Who am I?
This still remains a mystery,
And has left many in misery.


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