LogoXLPuo Publishing creates books, flashcards and other educational products in African languages for children. It was founded by Nthabi Sibanda in 2009. First, they produced first words and numeracy bilingual flashcards for children.

Now, they are best known for the children’s series Lulo and Lebo which has five books, an interactive multi-lingual app as well as dolls and other supportive material. They have also published Gcina Mhlophe’s How the Lion Got Its Roar in all the eleven official South African languages.

The aim with Puo Publishing is to “create content that educates, entertains and empowers children through Africa’s heritage.” They encourage parents to read to the their children in multiple languages.

Their flashcards and books are aimed at foundation level. They feature fun colourful and bright illustrations with themes and everyday words.

On the Puo site, Sibanda says, “By exposing children to Africa’s great civilizations, her many languages, her rich cultures and beautiful sights, I am hoping that her children – near and far – will draw from her with pride.”

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You can buy their products directly from their website or interact with them on Twitter and Facebook.



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