Have you ever fallen in love with a complete stranger? Or quit your job and started life elsewhere only to find yourself enthralled by someone and you are not sure whether or not to let your guard down and fall hopelessly in love with them? How about the moments where you play hard to get even though you know you love that person?

These are the stories that our latest books explore.

We have a great selection of romance novels by African writers. Stories about characters from all walks of life who have one thing in common: FALLING IN AND OUT OF LOVE.

Can He Be the One, by  award winning author Lauri Kubuitsile, is about Ayanda Nkosi, a reporter, who is chasing a hot story. And Sipho Dlamini who is chasing Ayanda. He  would like nothing better than to have Ayanda in his arm. The two are from completely different worlds. She is a down to earth girl and he is a MD of an investment company. The novel explores the question new lovers constant struggle with; is s/he they person they claim to be? Can I trust them with my heart? Are they the ONE?

Cherry Marbles by Shukie Nkosana is a story about Langa Buthelezi, a business woman living in Johannesburg and is engaged to Richard, a cameraman for the SABC. One Sunday afternoon, on her way home from church, she has an embarrassing encounter with a handsome stranger. Unbeknownst to her, this handsome stranger is the owner of a company Langa will be presenting a major event proposal to. While working closely with the handsome strange Regile Mabhena, Langa discovers what true love is.

The characters in these books from Sapphire Press are not contrived or caricatures. They are art directors, event coordinators, investment analysts, CEOs of major corporates, journalist and nannies. All these people are searching for something meaningful, they are looking for love. These are our stories, stories of and for modern day Africans.

If you want to find out about where true love begins, then you better get yourself one of these books…

Cherry-MarblesHer-Forever-AfterThe-Bridesmaid's-LoverCan-He-Be-The-OneDace-of-the-HeartKwaito-Love A-Prince-For-Me


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