A while back we shared the call for submissions for the first ever Ba re e nere short story anthology. The call came from our beloveds Ba re e nere Lit Festival and they are almost ready to share Likheleke Tsa Puo with us.

The Ba re e nere folks need us to come together and help them get this book to print.

“To expand the opportunities writers in Lesotho have to share their stories, this year we set out to design and publish a book of all new writing, which we plan to launch on the opening night of our literature festival in December. This essential book, which we’re calling “Likheleke tsa puo”, meaning “wordsmiths” in Sesotho, contains 23 original stories that have never been published before. They are written in both English and Lesotho’s original brand of Sesotho, because it’s incredibly important for us to promote indigenous language and allow writers to express themselves how they are most comfortable.1)Ba re e nere Website: https://bareenere.com/2016/10/12/book-funding-campaign-is-live/

Read more about their vision here.

Go to the indiegogo page – www.indiegogo.com/projects/ba-re-e-ne-re-short-story-collection-from-lesotho-book#/ – and help this book come to life. You can donate as little as $5.

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Let’s do it for African Literature, fam.

duduzile zamantungwa mabaso (@uzamantungwa) is a poet, scriptwriter, editor and publisher. She has written scripts, storylined, edited for televisions shows such as Uzalo, Muvhango, Soul City, Tempy Pushas, Uzalo, It’s Complicated to mention a few. She is the founder of Black Letter Media – www.blackletterm.com – where she is working to publish new voices out of Africa and bridge the gap between readers and undiscovered writers. She is the founder and editor of www.poetrypotion.com

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1. Ba re e nere Website: https://bareenere.com/2016/10/12/book-funding-campaign-is-live/