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Why We Love Her: Nyana, a writer, blogger and publisher has set up a fun, modern publishing house – Sooo Many Stories in order to give local writers the exposure they deserve and the stories readers need. After promoting short stories being written in Uganda on her blog, and completing an editorial internship at Modjaji Books she decided to fill the gap she saw in the Ugandan publishing industry. Sooo Many Stories has just published its debut title – the excellent poetry collection, The Headline That Morning by Peter Kagayi and we anticipate great things from Nyana and her publishing house as it continues to grow.

“I like it when I read something that I can relate to: a taxi ride, a Boda-boda ride, or eating a rolex. A rolex is a chapatti. They put an egg on top of it and then they roll it. That is a rolex. A chapatti and an omelette rolled together. It is made on the road side. It is very Ugandan.” – Nyana Kakoma


I heard the boy playing Daddy say:
“I’ll beat you,
Because I am Daddy.”
The girl playing Mummy was kneeling before the boy,
Her head slightly bowed as though coy
I heard the boy playing Daddy say:
“Also like my daddy,
I’ll divorce you.”

-“A Family Portrait,” Peter Kagayi

She is also a member of FEMRITE and an acclaimed short story writer with her story “Chief Mourner” being published in the Caine Prize anthology for 2013, A Memory This Size And Other Stories.


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