Country: South Africa

Why We Love Her: Lauren wears many hats including novelist, comic book writer, screenwriter and documentarian. She is also a philanthropist. Not content to change the world just with her words, she has raised significant funds for NGOs like Rape Crisis with her art shows and auctions.

To open up one of her books is to be sucked into her detailed worlds of hybrid human-beasts, dystopian African megalopolises, killers and technological thrills. Her mastery of pace, world-building and unconventional narrative structure has made her an international bestseller with her books, like Moxyland and the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Zoo City being translated into 26 languages. In The Shining Girls, she threw us back and forth in time with both a serial killer and a survivor of one of his attacks and in her series Fairest for Vertigo Comics, Lauren does a new take on an old fairy tale – remixing it with hungry ghosts, soul-theft and bloody revenge. She’s definitely expanding what it means to be an African writer.


“She would disappear
folded like origami
into her own dreams”

― Lauren BeukesThe Shining Girls



“Traffic in Joburg is like the democratic process. Every time you think it’s going to get moving and take you somewhere, you hit another jam.”
― Lauren BeukesZoo City  zoo-city-book-review


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