women's rightsAugust is Women’s Month and there’s no better time to showcase the incredible African women writing great books within and outside the continent. There’s a gender gap in literature and we’d like to help close it by talking more about women writers who often don’t get as much hype.

The women we will be featuring are ceiling-breakers, activists, inventors, artists, poets and inspirations to us all. With their work they prompt us to read more, live fully and reflect more deeply. Some are old (er) and some are new (er). They contain multitudes, their range is boundless; they write literary fiction, plays domestic dramas, post-modern epics, science fiction, comic books, political satire and give voice to the often unique female experience.


map of africa

We will be highlighting one writer a day for the month of August and why we love them. Follow along with #WomenWrite on Twitter and Facebook as well. We’d also love to hear about the women writers who inspire you!



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